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Brochure Design Tips

Creating a Great Brochure – Design Tips

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Brochure Design Tips

So now you know what you want to say and you have decided to create a brochure as a medium to get your message across, what is the next step?  There are countless different styles of brochures being created by designers filling up mailboxes across the country every day.  So here are some brochure design tips to help you out:


1.  Clarity – paint a clear and concise picture

Use plain language.  Keep it simple, in wording and design.  This will allow images, words and themes to convey the intended meaning without confusion.


2.  Less is More – simple shapes and bold colours

Simple shapes and bold colours make for an effect that has impact.  For example a bright yellow circle against a deep blue background creates a pop, draws the eyes and is not to busy.


3.  Subtle – But make it stand out

The goal is to have your brochure stand out.  Instead of having basic square cornered pages, a subtle change for example, rounded corners can create a unique subtle feel.


4.  Texture & Material – different to the touch

Having a texture that literally feels different to the touch is a great way to communicate rather than just the visual.  Furthermore using recycled or industrial type papers can help promote the business, service or purpose of the brochure depending on the type of business being represented.


5.  Break the Norm’ – separate from the Crowd

The vast majority of brochures open like a book.  Why not try using a brochure that flips up like a calendar or a trifold that opens for the top or bottom.  Make it your goal to separate yourself from the crowd.


6.  Variety – different strokes for different folks

There is no law stating that each group of brochure must be the same.  It maybe a good idea to use different styles of brochure depending on your audience or where the brochures are being distributed.


7.  Typography, Typography & Typography

The strongest form of communication available are typographic options.  Angled words, photo enhanced words and word images are all great ways to stand out and voice your message.


8.  Themes – Corporate Branding

Most businesses, groups and other organisations have a logo and a colour scheme that helps people to identify them. Incorporating this into the theme of the brochure can help promote as well as give instant recognition to who you are.


9.  Use an Excellent Printer

If the brochure layout, content and design is perfect.  What a shame it would be to finally start producing brochures only to have colours faded, words that are not perfectly edged or bleed.  A polished product will say volumes.  Choosing the correct brochure printer needs to be given a lot of consideration in the process of the final product.


10.  Hire an Excellent Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are experts in they will provide assistance, knowledge and information. So unless you are an expert in this subject it is wise to get professional help. The cost involved in creating, printing, and mailing brochures is expensive so you do not want to waste money on an ineffective marketing campaign.


To Conclude

Think through the process, try different layouts and get feedback wherever possible. It is always better to produce quality as opposed to quantity when talking about brochures and brochure design. It is my name, my business, service, etc. that I’m putting out there, I want it to be right. These tips will help, and feel free to get creative, remember you are putting yourself out there and you want wear your best suit, your best dress…in other words – your best you.

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New Year- New Ideas!

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Spring Networking

00News May, 15

Firmus Energy showing of their gift bags from Peninsula Web Solutions at the Spring Networking Conference, 28 April 2015, Europa Hotel Belfast

Adam meets Mickey Mouse at Disneyland Paris!

00News May, 15


Four-year-old Adam suffers from the genetic disorder called Emanuel syndrome. As a result of his condition, Adam’s development is delayed and he has some deformities in his facial features and jaw. Adam loves being around other children and is always smiling and clapping, even when he is ill.

All of Adam’s communication is non-verbal so he uses his eyes and hands to communicate. His mum told Starlight that Adam loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse and that he absolutely adores seeing the Disney characters on television. It comes as no surprise therefore, that Adam’s greatest wish was to meet Mickey at Disneyland Paris!

Adam’s family had a wonderful time on holiday, and his mum said “Adam absolutely loved meeting all of the characters and having his photo taken with them. It was a truly magical experience and we cannot thank you enough.”

Networking at NICCI

00News April, 15

Colin and Chantal attending the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce Connecting for Growth EVENT with Bank of Ireland UK: Cross Border Networking, 25 March 2015

Over 200 businesses from across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland joined Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Bank of Ireland UK for a major cross border networking event at Titanic Belfast.

The event, which also featured a key note speech by Michael Murphy, Chief Executive of Irwins Bakery, formed part of the Connecting for Growth programme which is designed to facilitate increased business between companies from Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

Commenting on the programme, Ian Sheppard, Regional Director NI, Business & Corporate Banking at Bank of Ireland UK said:
“Bank of Ireland UK partners on this programme as it is one which is real, tangible and interactive for businesses. It’s designed to facilitate increased business between companies from Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland; business participants have the opportunity to network, learn from key experts, make a pitch to buyers from a range of sectors and explore the potential for doing business together. We are delighted with the turnout and the quality and breadth of businesses at today’s event and anticipate a strong demand for the upcoming Meet the Buyer event in the Armagh City Hotel on 12th May.”


00News February, 15

WE WON A BAFTA for Boogaloo and Graham come on Northern Ireland – While one half of Belfast had their fingers crossed and the other half were holding their breath waiting for the BAFTA results Boogaloo and Graham took the event by storm and won a BAFTA for Belfast!!

ProKick fans, and Riley`s family, are so proud of his part in helping make the short film set in Belfast a roaring success. The film has done the rounds globally at a number of film festivals over the past few months and has been awarded a BAFTA – which is probably the greatest honor anyone involved could have wished for.

The film also featured World champion kickboxer Johnny Smith, and ProKick owner and chief coach Billy Murray. Its set to be part of the Oscar`s short-list so watch this space……


00News February, 15

Peninsula Print & Design Ltd is offering its customers a selection of new ideas / products every month this year. Please contact your sales representative to place you order or CLICK HERE to email our sales team.

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