With our new digital press at Peninsula Print we are able to deliver stable quality results that meet expectations of our clients.

The new digital printer allows us to gain the competitive edge with high-quality and high-accuracy finishes which exceed competitive light-production printers.

Have a look at some of its quailities below:

  • High resolution technology for beautiful reproductions

1,200 dpi x 8-bit high quality & precision

Reproduce minute text and thin lines clearly as well as rich colour gradations even for colour images through synergy with 1,200 × 1,200 dpi high-resolution printing and Simitri HDE toner.

  • 256-step 8-bit processing controller and engine

Eight-bit multi-gradation data processing flow for each colour displays 256-step gradations within a single pixel. Both colour and monochrome data can be processed in 1200 dpi x 8-bit resolution.

  • Optimise print quality according to the output material

New FM screen processing

FM (Frequency Modulation) screen processing fully leverages the C1070 series’ 1,200 dpi resolution. Improved 1,200 dpi FM screens with enhanced resolution and granularity eliminate jaggedness and moiré for smoother reproductions. In addition, the optimal screen processing can also be selected to match the quality required for the output based on the dots and lines.

  • Outline processing for clearer texts

Precise outline processing

High precision outline processing practically eliminates blurs and raggedness of lines, normally associated with digital printing, to reproduce text details in higher definition. Quality is even improved for outputs that combine coloured text with thin lines and sharp outlines.

  • Enhance print position accuracy

Higher print position accuracy

The newly developed registration swing mechanism is standard-equipped with a centring detection sensor on the registration portion of the engine to provide high-precision centring correction. High resolution technology for beautiful reproductions

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