Month: August 2013

Eastman Kodak gains approval to come out of bankruptcy

00News August, 13

Eastman Kodak has gained court approval to come out of bankruptcy as a much smaller digital imaging company. The company, once the biggest name in photography, had planned to come out of bankruptcy in July.

Eastman Kodak was founded in New York more than 100 years ago and pioneered the use of film in cameras.US bankruptcy judge Allan Gropper agreed to the company’s plans, meaning it should be back trading in about two weeks. Eastman Kodak Co. filed for bankruptcy protection last year, pushed out of business by the emergence of digital photography which killed off mass demand for film.

Since then, the company has sold off a number of its business and patents. It now plans to specialise in printing. Kodak’s legal representative, Andrew Dietderich, told the court the company bore little resemblance to its former self: “Kodak is a different company that the one in the popular imagination and very different from the one that filed for bankruptcy.”

Although a majority of shareholders approved the bankruptcy plan, some former employees and others objected to it. Creditors are only expected to get back some 5% of the money they are owed, and shareholders will come last in the queue. Earlier this year, Kodak secured a deal to sell its film and printing businesses to its UK pension fund for £419m ($650m).

But it filed for bankruptcy protection in January 2012 after falling behind in the race to produce digital photographic equipment.


00News August, 13

We are loyal supporters to the Starlight Children’s Foundation through has been set-up to help raise money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, by simply asking businesses and households through-out the United Kingdom to purchase their basic necessities with us to help a charity that aims to bringing smiles and laughter into the lives of seriously and terminally ill children, who are afraid and in pain, by granting wishes and creating fun in hospitals and hospices throughout the UK.

A Very Happy Customer

00News August, 13

We recently received this email from our clients at Ulster Automobile Club

“The programme was very well received indeed. In fact 20 copies or more have been taken by the British Hill Climb co-ordinators to give to the UK Clubs who run other rounds as an example of the standard of programme which should be produced. In addition the programme will be added to the archive of the BARC (British Automobile Racing Club) based at their Thruxton Circuit HQ.

The A3/A5 Poster also went down very well and provided something different.

As I said  earlier you did a fine job and if we had had a further 24/48 hours we could have added at least another 4 pages with the material we had.

The event itself lived up to and indeed exceeded our expectations with everything we had planned falling into place – great weather, large crowd, great entry and a new hill record at the end of the day. The cross channel competitors and other visitors were very impressed with the very friendly atmosphere of whole event.

Thanks again to Gary, you and everyone else involved at Peninsula Print and Design for their tremendous contribution in producing a programme you and the Ulster Automobile Club can be proud of.”

(Ulster Automobile Club)

We are very proud of our team here at Peninsula Print for all their hard work and dedication they put into the business.