Month: July 2012

Our New Van

00News July, 12

Here at Peninsula Print we are constantly growing and expanding our company.  To keep up with these busy times we have invested in a new van; giving us a fleet of 6. Customers are our number 1 priority and we want to deliver a speedy and reliable service. Adding a new van to our fleet allows our company to keep on track with deliveries and our clients happy.

Have we any suggestions for a name for our new vehicle?

Automated, Fast, Reliable and Affordable

00News July, 12

Here at Peninusla Print we have introduced the new Palladio II.  The Palladio II is a 4 -up flatbed platesetter that brings a winning combination of automation, reliablity and quality. With the Palladio we can step right into the high quaility world of CtP at an afforadable price. This will increase our efficiency and keep our presses rolling. With this new technology we are able to provide faster turnaround times for clients, a strategic business solution thats makes sense for our company.