Month: February 2012

Peninsula Print gets involved with The Wildlife Trusts “In Nature Programme”

00News February, 12

Peninsula Print will participate in the Programme which uses active learning methods to enable children and adults to explore themes, games and practical activities around natural wildlife.

The 2 hour session helps pupils explore ways in which our local wildlife uses colour and design, from flowers attracting pollinators, butterflies warding off predators and moths pretending to be twigs. The workshop covers these amazing adaptations and looks at how humans have taken inspiration from nature’s designs over the years.

25 Years of Excellence – it’s all in a day’s work at Peninsula Print & Design

00News February, 12

They say that first impressions are lasting impressions.

Well, Peninsula Print & Design in Newtownards has been helping its customers create positive impressions of their businesses for the last 25 years, with everything from high-end brochures, calendars and corporate reports, to leaflets, fliers and business cards.

What’s just as impressive is that in today’s tight market, when many companies are struggling to stand still, yet alone grow, Peninsula Print & Design has expanded its market base, increased its product offering and taken on more staff to cope with demand! That’s quite an achievement but it hasn’t come about by chance, as managing director, Gary Withers, explained.

He said: “I’ve seen many changes in the print industry over the past 25 years. I believe that our success has been largely due to our ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

“To do that, we continually invest in new print technology, and we monitor our margins. In other words, we run a tight ship. This approach has meant that we’re able to deliver the best quality and value to our clients.”

“However, two other factors have also been key to our success. The first one is our people. We have always been committed to the training and development of our staff and to creating a work environment that nurtures creativity and rewards enterprise.

“That is why, when times have been tough, there’s been a tenacious culture within Peninsula Print & Design, where we pull together to find a way through. The other factor in our success has been focus.

“In other words, we keep a clear focus of who are customers are…what they need… and how best we can deliver it. This means that we don’t see ourselves as just a print company. Rather, we’re an extension of each customer’s marketing function, helping to deliver professional communications in print.”

Printing services … from A to Z

Peninsula Print & Design provides print services for a whole gamut of organisations across the business spectrum — from large multinationals and government departments, to small businesses and self employed sole traders.

Yet whatever the size of job, the company has one clear mission – to provide a highly cost-effective printing service, with the best turnaround times and expert advice.

The company’s commitment to these principles is underpinned by its full BS8555 environmental accreditation.

What’s more, all printing technicians are trained to operate in accordance with ISO 9001: 2000 stipulations, which means quality, consistency and safety are paramount.

And with its own in-house design and production teams, Peninsula Print & Design can handle every element of your print project — from creative ideas, artwork and copy, to printing, finishing, storage and distribution.

Four state-of-the-art litho presses allow a broad range of print parameters, including a maximum print area of 470 x 650mm, one to four colour, with mono and spot colour, and a maximum weight of 400gsm. Plus, Peninsula Print & Design have also invested substantially in digital print, which is ideal for short run applications that require a very quick turnaround, such as brochures, newsletters, price lists and catalogues.

Factor in a Finishing Department that uses the latest bindery equipment to create a rigorously professional look, and a fleet of vehicles that can deliver your print collateral where you want it, when you want it, and it all adds up to a thoroughly proficient service.

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